This tour introduces you to the island’s furry friends – an integral part of daily life just 60 -70 years ago – and offers a unique insight on how the locals would move around the island in olden days.

The day starts just 10-15 minutes down the road from Fig Tree Villa at the Camel Park near Mazotos Village, where you will have the chance to enjoy a camel ride around the park grounds.  Head towards Mazetos/Zygi/Limassol on the main road that runs up from the police station and you can’t miss it.

This is just a brilliant place for children of all ages to run around feeding the animals and exploring, take your swimwear if its hot as they have a lovely pool with a nice restaurant on-site, so you may actually just want to spend the whole day here relaxing. Its open until 7pm in Summer and 5pm in Winter and the entrance price is very reasonable at 4 euros for adults and 3 euros for children, which includes access to the pool for the day.

If you can tear yourself away, then meander through the pretty villages of Mazotos, Alaminos and Agios Theodoros maybe stop on the way for lunch or a coffee and head towards the village of Skarinou. Once you reach the centre of the village, then simply follow the Golden Donkey to reach the Golden Donkeys Farm.

The farm is a home for around 170 donkeys, and each of them has its own name and character. Nowadays, is it the biggest donkey farm in Cyprus and probably, one of the biggest in Europe. The majority of the animals are females in order to produce the milk. Milking is done in a specially designed space, in accordance with the requirements of the EU.  At the farm ride on a donkey, take a picture with them and feed them.  You’ll also find a lot of other interesting things there such as: the wax museum, the traditional Cyprus house, an ancient olive press, a small botanical garden, an amphitheater, one of the oldest olive trees in Cyprus, the small church of Virgin Mary of Memila and the coop, as well as a restaurant and a souvenir shop

Head home to Fig Tree Villa either via the Highway, exiting at Klavdia and passing through Tersefanou to get to Kiti, or exit at Zygi and take the pretty coast road which will take you back past the camel park and on into Kiti.

If you like animals, then the garden centre just up the road towards Tersefanou, (on your left as you climb the hill) has a free small animal zoo, with birds, rabbits, deer etc.  The garden centre has a nice gift shop and cafe too.